A video posted by a mother of three upset about living in Cuba goes viral

turning to the crisis in cuba a mother  giving us an inside look at her daily  struggles living on the island nation  posting a video detailing her life as a  mother of three and now the cuban  government is trying to discredit her  let’s go to local tim tatsevel live now  in the newsroom to show us much more  hatzel calvin nicole this is a video  that was posted just four days ago so  far it has close to 15 000 shares and  when you talk to folks on the island  they’ll tell you that it is because

it  resonates with a lot of people there  frustration over lack of food and basic  necessities from a cuban mother who took  to facebook to post this video that has  gone viral  amelia the mother of three urges other  cuban mothers to speak up wondering how  much more they can take her complaint  about her exorbitant power bill turned  into a laundry list of grievances  against the government  wednesday she says power outages keep  her daughters from going to school  because she cannot cook for them  we want to live in dignity

she says adds  cubans should not have to rely on family  living abroad to survive  and tells us she doesn’t fear being  arrested for simply speaking out we  reached out to other cubans on the  island  known government critics who say this  was a genuine expression of frustration  many are feeling on the island  she’s merely a symptom of the worsening  situation in a disastrous regime nah in  a follow-up video sunday  the 31 year old mother tells us she’s  been cited by the government  and so when it comes to that citation we  understand that casadia did show up at  11am in fact we’re now just getting  video of her leaving

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