Davide & Ekin-Su share a GROSS kiss FOOTAGE | Love Island 2022

Bombshell brunette As she made moves on Italian hottie Davide, Ekin-Su made her intentions very obvious, much to the chagrin of Love Island watchers. As they kiss, Ekin-Su’swallows’ Davide’s face.

After Ekin-Su put the moves on Italian stallion Davide during Sunday night’s steamy episode of the ITV2 show, fans stated they were left ‘feeling nauseous.’

After the two decided to couple-up due to their unmistakable chemistry, actress Ekin-Su decided that she had had enough time with her new man to lay it on thick.

During Sunday night’s show, the bombshell wasn’t hesitant about expressing Davide how drawn to him she was, and her candid admission resulted in the two having a scorching kiss – or three.

However, viewers couldn’t help but squirm as Ekin-Su’swallowed Davide’s face’ during the passionate make-out session after the duo appeared to get hot under the collar after playing a game of tonsil tennis.

Fans took to Twitter to express their amusement, pleading with Ekin-Su to “play it cool to chill and play it cool,” as one viewer put it.

“Ekin-Su gobbled Davide’s face whole. Another echoed, “These two are so shallow.”

“Disgusting!!!! Someone else grumbled, “There’s no sound worse than that mouth smacking.”

Meanwhile, a fourth sneered, “God Ekin-Su nearly drowned him.” He needed to get some fresh air.”

“I simply want to thank you,” Ekin-Su said, confidently initiating the passionate kiss.

“I feel so pleased, I just gave him another kiss, and another kiss lead to a peck, and another peck, and another one, and I was like oh my goodness, we need to stop,” Ekin-Su later said in the Beach Hut.

Paige and Tasha, two more islanders, were chuckling in the kitchen as they moved in for many kisses at home.

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