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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) allegedly “shocked and horrified millions of viewers” with an “unsettling” ad portraying a sobbing burger conducting an intimate deed, according to a recent piece on a satirical news site The Onion.

PETA has previously run video advertisements, some of which have proven controversial.

PETA, for example, created Last Longer, a “steamy” ad that received millions of views online in 2016. It involves a humorous NSFW scene in which two couples — one vegan, the other meat-eating – make love, and it became the organization’s most-viewed YouTube video of all time.

Is PETA’s ostensibly “unsettling” video ad, which purports to show “disturbing footage of a pants-less man,” authentic?

Is the ‘unsettling’ PETA sobbing burger video ad real?

No, the video does not exist – at least, not in the form that PETA has circulated and The Onion has published.

Of course, given the false ad’s media prominence, there’s a risk that someone will make a film of a burger crying while conducting the intimate act.

However, the advertisement is not genuine. The Onion is a satirical news site, which means that the information it publishes is meant to amuse rather than enlighten.

For example, posts like tampon shortages being “solved” after a lady “shakes out her purse” or a clearly non-existent #KillYourDad challenge sweeping TikTok is among the most recent “breaking news” pieces it has published.

Some less unsettling but still provocative PETA video ads to fill the gap

The NFL was alleged “too much for the NFL to handle” when it came to the organization’s 2020 Super Bowl ad. Despite receiving a Telly Award, it was not shown during the 2020 event.
However, PETA has compiled a list of “banned Super Bowl advertising” that includes some of its more controversial ads. You may find them all here or click on the links below to find them separately.

PETA’s Last Longer ad was posted online in 2016. It compares the sexual performances of two males who are having heterosexual relations. One is a meat-eater, whereas the other is a vegetarian. Vegans have a longer shelf life. You can see it here.

Veggie Love, a 2009 documentary, asserts that vegetarians “enjoy better sex.” You may watch it on YouTube.

Milk Gone Wild, from 2011, is one of PETA’s more disturbing video ads — it doesn’t show any sobbing burgers, but it’s understandable that some viewers might find it utterly unpleasant.

What supposedly happens in PETA’s sobbing burger video ad?

PETA’s “dark, 30-second spot” includes “a sobbing burger” executing a sex act on a “pants-less man,” according to The Onion’s description – remember, the ad isn’t real.

“Except for mild sobbing sounds emitted by the ground beef sandwich,” the commercial is “totally silent.”
“Every burger would be sobbing if it were up to the meat industry,” the ad claims. Burgers are purchased by almost 50 billion Americans each year. Consider who pays the most the next time.”

“Zipping up his pants, taking a big suck off a cigarette, then casually discarding the burger in the trash,” the man says at the end. It doesn’t, however. It doesn’t exist because it doesn’t exist.

‘The runny mascara sells it for me’: Reddit reacts

“Holy cow,” one Reddit member said in a discussion about the matter. The r/TheOnion subreddit has 168K subscribers.

Someone sent a link to The Onion’s piece on PETA’s “unsettling” burger commercial seven days ago, prompting one member to say, “I detest how I thought this was true.”

“Seemed absolutely fair to me until the last two words,” one person wrote, “even then it took a second.”
Finally, you are not alone if you were duped by the report.

“For the first time in my life, I have to admit I ate the onion,” writes one long-time subscriber.

To put it another way, they were taken in by the joke.

“I just spent the last ten minutes on YouTube looking for the ad so I could view it in its entirety before reading the story. In my defence, PETA’s commercials are even more absurd.” See the above-mentioned resources!

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