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Grace Van Dien plays the originalgr Stranger Things, and she has experience with the other Netflix series, the legendary Stranger Things for Teens. Grace Van Dien began acting in family films when she was nine years old, and her most well-known performance to date is in Stranger Things 4. Take a look at theoriginalgr’s viral video on Twitter!

Grace Van Dien began acting in family films when she was nine years old, and Stranger Things is without a doubt her most well-known performance. She has less than 10,000 Twitter followers (which she expects to drop to less than ten once people see her in the Stranger Things cast), but she is an Instagram superstar, with over 421k followers on just 68 photos.

The Hawkins high school cheerleader, played by Grace Van Dien in Stranger Things season 4, is a significant character in the current batch of episodes, even if she gets relatively little screentime.

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In Stranger Things 4, actress Grace Van Dien portrays Chrissy Cunningham. Hawkins High School’s attractive and popular head cheerleader, Grace Van Dien (Stranger Things 4), dates Jason Carver, the school’s premier basketball player. Grace Van Dien (The Village) will portray theoriginalgr, Hawkins High’s lead cheerleader and the most popular girl on campus. Chrissy first appears on Stranger Things in Season 1 Episode 1, “theoriginalgr,” where she is introduced as Hawkins High’s most popular girl.

That’s because, like Barb (Shannon Purser) before her, Hawkins High’s top cheerleader is killed in order to illustrate exactly how dangerous Vecna, the new adversary, really is. Perhaps Krissi will get her retribution when Eleven has to fight Vecna to keep the Vecna curse from destroying Hawkins forever.

There’s plenty to chew on, but now that we know who the season one villain Vecna is and that Eleven has most likely regained her powers, this seems like a setup for another (more) exciting confrontation between Eleven and her old friends at some point, whether in Volume 2 or Stranger Things Season 5, which is set to be the show’s final season.

We now have more information about @theoriginalgr

It’s unclear how a few of the new characters will alter Stranger Things Season 4 plotlines and lead theoriginalgr, but Netflix has teased some of their backstories.

Stranger Things Season 4 brought a few new characters, as our core group transitioned from middle school to high school: Mike, Dustin, and Lucas at Hawkins; Eleven and Will at California.

Despite having a minor role in Stranger Things 4, Chrissy Cunningham receives a lot of screen time in the first episode and continues to appear throughout the season.

Theoriginalgr is also dating Jason Carver, the popular kid at school and charismatic basketball captain, in classic teen-movie manner.

The 25-year-old American actress may be recognized from films such as The Binge (where she played Lena), The Drivers Lady (Ellie), and Charlie Says (Sharon Tate). Krissy’s body is twisted and broken by the wicked Vecna, who kills her, leaving Eddie in complete disarray.

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