WATCH Viral Video: Tiger Cubs Annoy Their Mother As She Tries to Drink Water in Peace.

Today’s Viral Video: Did you know that until they’re around a year and a half old, tiger cubs rely significantly on their mother for food? Tigers are born blind and open their eyes after about ten days, but it takes several weeks for their vision to improve. They are completely reliant on their mothers’ milk and begin consuming meat at the age of 6-8 weeks. They rely on their mother’s skills to hunt food for them until they become effective hunters. And tigresses are aggressive mothers who protect their cubs fiercely. But who knew they were also so patient?
Susanta Nanda, an IFS officer, recently uploaded a video on Twitter that was first posted by Extremenature, in which a tigress is seen being irritated by her offspring while attempting to drink water peacefully. In the caption, the officer wrote, “Only God has more patience than mothers.” It has over 35k views and 2,500 likes on Facebook.



The video depicts a mother tiger drinking water in the middle of a forest, surrounded by three of her cubs, as they do all the time. Baby tigers tease the tigress by messing with her tail while she bends to drink water. The mother tiger raises her tail in the air, but the pups grasp it. Another youngster may be spotted jumping on her back shortly after that. The tigress goes away with the cubs trying to walk under her when her thirst is satiated.

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